Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Slow but steady. Slow but steady. Until Sunday!
Thanks to Matt, Hamish, Chris, Dave, Murray, Zac, Rob, Shane, Sacha,Don, Hugh, Simon, Grant, Dean and Jonathan the Lazy Fern track jumpeda big step closer towards being rideable.It was excellent to be working with a group that got so much achieved.Two switchbacks were carved out to be easily rideable, many majorobstacles removed (mostly tenacious holly, mahoe and barberry stumps),one temporary bridge installed and another 30 metres of track built.
We should also mention the great work being done by GrantPreston-Thomas. He usually heads in with friends once or twice a week,building what he refers to as a 'pilot track'. This is always walkableand often rideable.Counting the pilot track, just over 1km has been built, which leavesjust over half a kilometre to go (all of this has been designed andhad the thickest vegetation cleared on it, so it is ready to build).
Catch you at the next track work party.

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